Zoom Jib Boom:Technical Information

Zoom Jib Boom

Technical Details

The Patent Pending Zoom boom is based on the principal of a cantilevered jib boom.  Your existing forestay is disconnected and the Zoom boom is attached in its place.  Your furling system is fastened to the front of the boom, where it now projects about 12-15% of the J dimension farther forward, which is why a 110% jib can be self tacking.    Back aft, the boom is supported by a spectra pennant, which is slack when the sails are unfurled.  This spectra pennant will attach on the mast about 1′ under the forestay tang, or it can be attached to your jib halyard.  If you will be going offshore, a second stay can be added between the Zoom topping lift and the forestay tang.  The 2nd forestay will run through to the Zoom to the present stem fitting, and will allow a hank on storm jib to be hoisted.  The Zoom is custom made 6061 aluminum (partially tapered) or carbon fiber with a fully tapered boom.

Production to start soon.

Model                              typical boat          pricing                                                                  max j                          

Zoom 250a –                        24-32′                     $1,940 plus $120 / ft of J dimension               15′

Zoom 400a –                        32-40′                     $2,650 plus $150 / ft of J dimension               17′

Zoom 650a –                        40-50′                     $5,820 plus $170 / ft of J dimension               20′

Zoom 950a –                        50-64′                     $9,850 plus $200 / ft of J dimension               24′

Custom larger units POR

 Model shows the maximum 100% foretriangle (I x J x .5).  All units include a tapered 6061 T6 alum aluminum spar, clear (silver) anodized, removable aft end with 1 fixed center roller (for the storm jib outhaul) and 2 Half Moon or FlipFlop style blocks,  forward end rollers, aft SS 2-1 outhaul pad eyes, SS tubular swivel in composite bearings with lower toggle and a locking eye nut / clevis pin, Harken ESP triple block for stem fitting,  Spinlock or Antal triple line stopper.


–  Hardcoat-anodized (dark brown) – add 5%

–  Painted finish – add 12%

–  Outboard Molded Chairs (pair), 24″ height with Harken flip flop blocks to fairlead jib sheet to deck – add 20%