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Dutchman is a trademark of Martinus Van Breems, Inc. The Owners Manual is Copyright 2015 by Martinus Van Breems, Inc., 54 Calf Pasture Beach Road, Norwalk, Connecticut, 06855, U.S.A., 203-838-0375 fax 203 838-0377.

The Dutchman Sail Flaking System is Patented. Construction, purchase, or use of unauthorized systems may result in legal action.

Martinus Van Breems, Inc., reserves the right to change all prices, hardware, and specifications without notice at any time.

The Dutchman system is unconditionally guaranteed against defects in materials supplied by Martinus Van Breems, Inc., for a period of five (5) years. Defective items may be returned to Martinus Van Breems, Inc., and will be replaced or repaired at the option of Martinus Van Breems, Inc. Return of defective products should be accompanied by a letter giving name, address, phone number, date of purchase, place of purchase, and identification of installing company, as well as an explanation of the defect or malfunction, and the conditions under which the product was being used. This warranty does not apply to or include any product that was improperly installed, or subjected to misuse, negligence, accident, or subjected to unauthorized modification or repair. Normal wear of wire or rope on all equipment is excluded.

This warranty is in lieu of all other implied, express, and statutory warranties and guarantees, and in no event shall Martinus Van Breems, Inc., be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages.

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