SailCase: Technical Information


Technical Details

The first SailCase systems will be sized for boats in the 40-50 size range. Additional sizes will follow. Video footage of the system in operation and updates will be posted on our website shortly. The boom gooseneck will be removed and/or lowered. In some cases, it may be possible to use the old vang and boom mounting bracket together, by adjusting the space between the two for the boom gooseneck and using a much longer vertical pin, thus making for a much stronger attachment of the mast to the boom. The slide spacing and slide stack height determines the height of the upper boom over the lower boom.


What’s included, what do I supply and what is the cost and warranty?

Your SailCase  includes the new hardcoat anodized upper booms with two sets of reef lines, molded carbon fiber aft hinges, and a hardcoat anodized aluminum reverse vang with the needed blocks, which also serves as the forward attachment for the upper boom with the needed gooseneck fittings. You will supply a stiff new main designed to our specifications with a Dutchman Flaking System and a low friction slide system.  Some sails if stiff and in good shape can be retrofitted, especially if they already have a Dutchman Flaking System.

The introductory price for the SailCase M is still being determined. There is a five year warranty on the system, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.