Imagine beating upwind in a narrow channel.  Your 110% jib is self tacking, so no need to touch the sheets.  You say a self-tacking jib bigger than 95% is impossible?    Think again.

Finally you reach open waters.  No waves, so you want to flatten the leech.   Using a combination of your upwind sheet (which works like a mainsail traveller control line), downwind sheet (for leech tension) and outhaul (for draft control), you have complete control of the shape, twist and angle of your jib from the cockpit, just like with your mainsail.  Or just leave it in self tacking mode and relax!

Now you head off the wind on a beam reach.  Looking forward, you think back to how your jib always used to curl inward into a gutter like shape when eased off.   Slow, very very slow!  Now your jib is self vanging off the wind with the ability to project just like your main.  It never collapses or flogs back and forth and the shape is so much better.  Off the wind, your 108% jib now has the same performance of a much larger headsail.  Sailing wing and wing is super easy, and about 30% faster in most conditions.

Next you fall off to a broad reach or running, conditions that call for a spinnaker.   Would you like to be able to easily set a sail about as big as an asymmetrical in about a minute or less?    Too good to be true?   Your wishes have been answered.

The Zoom headsail system is a revolutionary new approach to make performance cruising easy.   It’s time to make your racing buddies envious when you singlehandly pop a kite and singlehandedly leave them in the dust!

It’s also affordable, when you consider what you would spend for a 95% self-tacking jib, the self-tacking hardware, a whisker pole, an asymmetrical sprit and an asymmetrical furler and spinnaker.

At DUTCHMAR, we have been producing innovative sailboat hardware since 1986, including our best selling sail flaking system, boom brake and mainsail luff hardware / track systems.

Model Typical Boat Pricing Max J
Zoom 250a 24-32’ $1,940 plus $120/ft of J dimension 15’
Zoom 400a 32-40’ $2,650 plus $150/ft of J dimension 17’
Zoom 650a 40-50’ $5,820 plus $170/ft of J dimension 20’
Zoom 950a 50-64’ $9,850 plus $200/ft of J dimension 24’
Custom larger units POR